quinta-feira, maio 13, 2010

The girl from Atlantis - photos under the water

Alla Kostromicheva in ‘The Girl from Atlantis‘ photographed by Sølve Sundsbø for Vogue Nippon May 2010. All the beauty of photos made under the water!
well some day i will buy a water camera from kodak (that cheap one, you know??!!) and i will try to make my own photos under the water - all that i need is a wonderful sunny day and a swimming pool. And of course a friend to be the model of the day. Feel free to try this idea first, ok?? 
under the water
under the water
under the water
under the water

kisses for all
see you on next post =)

4 comentários:

Nana disse...

I have that issue! those photos are amazing. :)

Nana from Japan xoxo

Helena disse...

For the best Vogue (thinking about fashion concept) is the Vogue Nipon! I loved this pics....thanks Mariaaaaaaaaaaaa..... amazing!

Paola disse...

fiquei encantada! *.*
essas fotos ficaram maravilhosas!!


Anônimo disse...

This is amazing and so beautiful!!!!