quinta-feira, janeiro 28, 2010

Noiva nos campos da Vogue Nippon e Dior Haute Couture!

So you can be an angel, sweet and inocent or...
Vou postar hoje mais um editorial da Camilla Akrans, porque amei o carneirinho [e as fotos são lindas, claro!!]
Vogue Nippon
March 2010

You can be powerful, with red lips and ready to go away in a horse.


Everything has a bit of drama, and make me imagine a character, a personality for this woman that is so well dressed, is admired [cause i admire anyone that can looks like her!!] and don't even smile.
Christian Dior Spring Haute Couture 2010 Collection.

Maybe i've created a problematic and too strong personality to this imaginary caracter but i loved and i really think it suits the woman in the photos !

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Rococo Vintage disse...

Hello! I just received your comment and came to see your blog... thank you for the wonderful words! And funnily enough, I'm currently photo editing a post with the Christian Dior show photographs! I guess we have similar feisty girlie girl taste ;) xo!!!