sábado, agosto 01, 2009

romance and daydream? yeah! - uma nova linha de T-shirt rômanticas online

Hi girls!!
I found these t-shirts or better they found me =)
This is the creation of Every Little Counts, they are from L.A. , but they sell in many places, also online.
I love T-shirts they can say what you feel and give a new touch in your look. With the right T-shirt it's possible change the outfit. A simple thing that makes all the diference.

" We are constantly inspired by the French New Wave, quiet nights outside of the city, and staying up late listening to love songs..." - Every Little Counts groupThe New colection "Wild at Heart"

(always the french in my mind!!!) I loved the T-shirt "Je T'aime/ Je te deteste" it's so confused lover. if you want to see more:http://www.everylittlecounts.net/
There is their blog too - with many good images, vintage magazines! It's romantic and have movies' photos. All to inspire you!
you must visit :http://every-little-counts.blogspot.com/

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Every Little Counts disse...


Anônimo disse...

great pics!
Rock on!

Dazzle ME disse...

How fun! I really like these and I'm not usually a big fan of t-shirts!
I'm following you by the way! :D
Great Post.

xo xo

Anônimo disse...

The tops are so cute! I love the Romance one! :)